High Class Escorts Can Be the Woman of Your Dreams
High Class Escorts

High Class Escorts Can Be the Woman of Your Dreams

The most elegant escorts might be the woman you’re seeking. You’ll be able spend time with her, and you can even play games with her. The following is a discussion between Samantha X, an author and high class escort, and her ghosted LJ.

As the name suggests, high-class escorts are individuals who provide services to elite clients. They are usually educated in the arts and have a longstanding relationship to the monarchy and royals. They are an elite and rare breed that is difficult to find in mainstream society. The majority of escorts who are high-end don’t have more that two bookings per night or only a few per week. Their appearances are generally discreet and they dress to match for the date.

High-class escorts are more expensive than regular escorts. Prices can range from EUR300 to EUR350. The majority of escorts that are available in Amsterdam originate from Eastern Europe. However, the most prestigious ones are Dutch and come from the nearby. They are likely to be fluent in several languages, including French, Italian, and Spanish.

The escorts of the highest quality are physically attractive and emotionally vibrant. They also have high levels confidence and intelligence. Unfortunately, they may be suffering from addiction issues, post-traumatic stress, or financial difficulties. However, unlike ordinary prostitutes, high-class escorts are much more focused on their clients and their business.

Paris is another popular destination for a luxurious escort. The capital city is home to a variety of romantic spots and is a great place to take a high-class date. It is also known as a city of love due to its high standards of the escorts and Red Light district.

Hollywood is home to a variety of elegant escorts. In fact, some actors have turned into call girls. High class escorts of the actors in “The Call Girls” is a former callgirl who is hired by a wealthy client. However, it’s a completely different story if you’re a transsexual.

The most prestigious escorts can earn up to 30 times more than regular sex workers. They can charge as high as $3,000 per hour for one client. This amounts to around $416,000 per year. This is a huge income for escorts of high-end who typically serve eight clients per week.

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